Hospitalization fees

Health care in this hospital is not for free

Hospitalization fees include:
• The costs of the stay: They vary according to the service you have been admitted in and the medical care you received.
These expenses can be taken in charge by the health insurance to 80% of their amount or completely if you get the exemption of the Ticket moderateur (= taken in charge to 100%).
• The ticket modérateur: It is a part of the stay costs not covered by the health insurance (20% of the stay costs for small interventions).
Depending on the case, this share may be payed by your health mutual, the C. M. U. or by yourself if you don't have any additional health care cover .
• The price of the daily rate: It is fixed by the Ministry of Health and corresponds to your participation to the accommodation costs.
Depending on the case, this amount can be payed by your additional health care cover, the C.M.U. or by yourself.
• The telephone, meals and overnight accompanying costs remain at your own charge.
• The CHU has entrusted the management of the television to a private company responsible for the invoicing

You will find here the different costs:

Price list of the CHU




Health care is not for free:
Before you leave the hospital, you have to make sure at the bureau des entrées that your file is complete.
Remaining costs will be charged by the CHU (an invoice will be send to your domicile).
The payment has to be addressed to the Trésorerie du CHU.
The AME, Aide Médicale d’Etat (State Medical Assistance)
• If you are a foreigner in an irregular situation and living in France for 3 months without interruption: You can (under certain conditions) benefit from the cover of your health expenses as part of the A.M. E.
• If you are a foreigner in an irregular situation and living in France for less than 3 months: You can (under certain conditions) benefit from the AME as part of urgent medical care to foreigners.
• If you are a foreigner in a regular situation (visa, ...): You can (under certain conditions) benefit from the AME an humanitarian grounds.
You need to make your request to the bureau des entrées, to the social service of the health insurance or to the DDASS.
The P.A.S.S., La Permanence d’Accès aux Soins de Santé (Permanent access to health care)
Composed of a doctor, a social worker and a nurse, the PASS is a place that takes over deprived persons.
The PASS is located next to the service d'accueil des urgences in Bocage central level - 1.
The PASS facilitates the access to the CHU for deprived people and insures the mediation between care, welcome and social accompanying structures.
It is also there to accompany them in their steps related to the recognition of their rights.
La Trésorerie
1 bis bd Jeanne d’Arc BP 97910 21079 DIJON CEDEX
Opening times : from Monday to Friday : 8:30am-12:15am / 1:30pm-4:00pm

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