Projet culturel

Culture at the hospital, why?

The culture at the hospital is not something new, it has always existed. But, since a decade of years, she knows a new impulse. On May,4 1999, the convention "Culture à l'hôpital" signed between the ministries in charge of health and culture asserts the mutual interest for the hospital and cultural world to meet. It is confirmed in January 2006 by the signing of an agreement memorandum which strengthens this approach encouraging the development of culture in the health facilities. Almost ten years after the first signature, the two departments were founded in July 2010 around a new convention entitled Culture et Santé(Culture and health).

Culture in the CHU of Dijon, how?

"The culture has its place if the human has its place. ", said a few years ago a CHU agent involved in a partnership with the Conservatoire à Rayonnement Régional (Regional Conservatory) Jean-Philippe Rameaux.
Since 2008, the CHU Dijon develops a cultural policy which fits in with the continuity of this national approach based on the following principles:

  • The humanization of the hospital institutions, including for the improvement of the patient care quality. The cultural policy is also directed to all users and to the staff, in an effort to ensure a pleasant working environment.
  • The inclusion of the hospital as social and cultural actor.
  • The participation in a cultural democratization which attaches the ministry of culture since its foundation.

The cultural project,  an Institution Project 2013-2017

The institution project 2013/2017 of the CHU is structured around four lines:

  • A cultural hospital

By nature, the hospital is a highly cultural institution.  With the scientific, technical or administrative approaches, culture participates in the construction of the hospital institution and its developments.

  • Take care of the person

The culture development aspires to promote the well-being of all and a better quality of life for everyone. Through art and culture, the hospital becomes a place of life.

  • A hospital in the heart of its environment

The culture supports the anchor of the establishment in his environment. The CHU of Dijon is inscribed as an important actor of the local landscape.

  • Heritage: a responsible hospital

Legatee of eight centuries of activity, the policy of the CHU aims to federate the staff around a common memory but also to disseminate its wealth from the set of users.

Beyond this specific project, the culture has also been entered in the heart of the care and social points of this project:

  • Care Project: Improve the patient environment, develop positive communication and respect to improve the quality of life at work
  • Social Project: Promote dialog and interpersonal relationships in the management, offer professionals more time and places of well-being