Access to your file

Access to your file

Your file includes three segments: administrative, medical and nursing care.

Your medical record identifies the information related to your medical history, your health status, the results and the conclusions of clinical, radiological and laboratory examinations.

The elements of the administrative record which allow to identify you are appended in the medical record as well as the care record.

This entire file is kept by the hospital at the end of your hospitalization.

The request for the forwarding of your file must be made in writing using the document below (FR):

Request Form for medical documents

  • To the Service des Droits des Patients

Direction Générale, 1 Bd Jeanne d'Arc
BP 77908  21079 DIJON Cedex

  • OR To the secretariat of the medical care department you have been admitted in.


Your request must be accompanied by a photocopy of an identity document.

To accompany you in the reading of your record, you have the possibility to appoint a doctor (your attending physician for example).

In this case, please communicate his name and address.

A fixed rate will be charged (corresponding to the copy and sending costs) to which are added the price per X-ray copy (rate 2009).

You will be charged of a rate corresponding to the copy and sending costs (to know the rates, call