You are about to be admitted

Your admission : Administrative process

The following documents must be provided to the bureaux des entrées :
• Your "prière d'admettre" (medical certificate signed and dated by your doctor) ;
• Your health insurance card "Vitale" or its valid certificate;
• The support of your health mutual for the scheduled stay, if not, your health mutual card ;
• This support is to claim to your mutual to be presented the day of the scheduled hospitalization.
• Your identity card or passport;
• For minor children: parents family book + identity card or passport of the accompanying parent ;
• Photocopy of the care protocol if you benefit from an Affection Longue Durée.

This card contains the details of your rights regarding the health insurance and must be updated at least once a year. This update is essential to benefit from your health insurance rights and guarantees the efficient support of your health costs.

In the following situations, you need:
• Foreign Nationals: The valid residence permit card
• Work Accident: The section n°2 handed over by your employer
• Maternity: The family book and/or the "reconnaissance prénatale"
• Hospitalization decided during a consultation: The printed pre-admission

* At the end of the consultation, go to the bureau des entrées (customer service) to establish your file of pre-admission,
You are hospitalized for urgent treatment
In the case your state of health requires emergency care, your support is carried out by a medical team:
• to the Bocage Central level -1 for adults
• to the Hôpital d'Enfants for children up to 15 years and 3 months.
You are hospitalized for urgent treatment at the Maternity

You can come day and night to the northern building in order to warn the staff of you arrival.
Please use the doorbell on the right in the entrance hall.
The hospitalization system
The private room
Depending on the availability of the rooms, you can ask for a single room. (The price supplement can be supported by your complementary health insurance).

Day hospitalization
Depending on your condition and care needs, the doctor may prescribe you a one-day hospitalization. In this case, you are received in the department for one day.

Professional activity
Some practitioners of the CHU have the possibility to receive in their department their patients on a private basis.
The fees are fixed by the practitioner and may be different from those applied in the context of his public activity.