You have a claim

If a problem occurs during your stay,
Do not hesitate to talk with the medical officers and nursing staff of the department.
In the event of a challenge, you can also contact,
• The Droit des Patients department - BP 77908 - 21079 Dijon Cedex
• The Médiateur Médical -
• The Médiateur non Médical -
If you are experiencing difficulties with the medical or health care team, the Médiateur Médical and non-médical are at your disposal to orientate you and provide you with information.
• The representative of users - information
• Since 2006, the CHU has put in place a C. R. U. (Commission de Relation avec les Usagers et de la Qualité de la prise en charge).
The C. R. U. ensures the observance of the users' rights, facilitates their approaches and contributes by its opinions and proposals to the improvement of the welcoming and supporting policy sick persons and their relatives.
The list of the members who composes this commission is available to the bureaux des entrées (Customer service).
You can make a claim directly
to this commission by writing to Service des Droits des Patients - BP 77908 21079 Dijon Cedex.

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