Your discharge

You go back home
When your state of health no longer requires your stay at the hospital, you can leave the establishment on medical advise. Before you leave, don't forget to come to the guichet unique or the bureau des entrées to notify your discharge. You will receive the "bulletins de situation" that you will need to justify your hospitalization.
You are transferred to another establishment
Our establishment is responsible for the formalities of your transfer. The social worker of the department can help you.
You leave against medical advice
In your interest, you should leave the institution only after the favorable opinion of the medical team.
However, if you decide not to take this opinion into account and that you plan a premature discharge, you must fill out a certificate explaining that you have taken knowledge of the risks involved (paper delivered by the health care team).
If you refuse to sign this document, a minute of refusal will be established.
You can benefit from a 48h discharge permission
If your state of health allows it and is subject to a favorable medical opinion. In the limit of the 48 hours authorized, the room is kept during your absence and will not be charged.
The “questionnaire de sortie”

Please remember to fill out the questionnaire that you will find in the appendix of the patient booklet.
Your responses are taken into consideration in order to contribute to the improvement of our services and to your satisfaction.

You can drop it in the mailbox provided for this purpose in each department, or send it to the Direction des Droits des Patients, de la Qualité et de la Gestion des Risques –BP 77908 21079 DIJON CEDEX
Transport charges
The doctor determines the type of transport adapted depending on your state of health (ambulance, VSL, taxi, etc. ).
You can contact the ambulance company of your choice.

HOWEWER, transport is not always refundable.
Refunds sometimes require a prior agreement procedure from your health insurance fund, which will or will not give their agreement according to the circumstances.

DEPENDING ON YOUR SITUATION, the health care team and the social worker of the department will give you the information necessary for the organization and the cover of your transfer.