Your stay

The team which surrounds you
Professionals are identified by a badge indicating their name and function. During your stay, do not hesitate to ask precisely who assists you. All the staff of the establishment is subject to the rules of professional secrecy.
The medical team
It is placed under the responsibility of a doctor director of the department, assisted by hospital practitioners and interns. One of them is dealing more specifically with you. He gives you all the information concerning your state of health, the examinations and the treatments prescribed. It can receive your family on appointment.
In the maternity department, the monitoring of pregnancies and childbirth are achieved by the obstetrician-gynecologist and the midwives.
The Health care team
The nurses [supervisors] are responsible for the quality of care, the proper functioning of the department, and takes care of the link between the different stakeholders. You can submit your questions and comments to them.

The nurse carries out its missions in 6 areas of activity, in collaboration with the various professionals in the health sector and the social sector:
• Support and deputizing in daily life actions,
• Support in the different stages of life,
• Participation in actions for education, prevention, diagnosis and treatment of diseases, health promotion,
• Participation in rehabilitation and re-adaptation activities,
• Contribution to the research and to the improvement of the quality and effectiveness of treatments.
• The caregiver and the childcare assistant participate to care of the everyday life.
The hospital duty officer carries out the maintenance of the premises.
Also collaborate to care and participate in your treatment :
• The staff of the medical-technical department: radiology technologist, technician and laboratory assistant, pharmaceutical assistant...
• The rehabilitation team: occupational therapist, masseur-physiotherapist, dietitian, speech therapist, orthopedist, pedicure, psychomotor therapist,
• The psychologist.
Also contribute to the smooth running of your stay :
• The medical secretaries,
• The administrative, technical and logistical staff.
The CHU has a mission : teaching professional practices. On this basis, you will meet students from the different medical and paramedical path . They work under the responsibility of professionals and are also subject to professional secrecy; nevertheless, their presence remains subject to your approval.
The social worker
The social worker of the department is at your disposal to advise you and accompany you in your steps related to:
• The impact of your hospitalization on the administrative, financial, professional, family plan, etc.
• Your discharge of the hospital (help concerning everyday life, research of reception facilities, etc).
You can meet him by contacting the staff of the department or by calling the following phone numbers:
• Responsable du service social:
- tel. 03 80 29 32 21
• Assistante sociale de l'Hôpital du Bocage:
- secrétariat - tel. 03 80 29 33 10 / 37 78
- cardiologie - tel. 03 80 29 30 18
• Assistante sociale de l'Hôpital d’enfants:
- secteur adultes - tel. 03 80 29 51 20
- secteur enfants - tel. 03 80 29 33 09 / 30 03
- pédopsychiatrie : poste 13451 - tel. 03 80 29 31 80
- C.M.P. Is sur Tille - tel. 03 80 95 32 21
- Centre de Génétique - tel. 03 80 29 53 13
• Assistante sociale de la Maternité:
- tel. 03 80 29 36 18
• Assistante sociale du Centre de planification:
- tel. 03 80 29 31 82
• Assistante sociale du Centre de convalescence et de Rééducation fonctionnelle:
- tel. 03 80 29 33 17
• Assistante sociale du Centre Gériatrique de Champmaillot:
- secrétariat - tel. 03 80 29 39 55
- Hôpital de jour + UMG - tel. 03 80 29 30 78
- autres services - tel. 03 80 29 51 63 - tel. 03 80 29 39 55
• Assistante sociale de l'Hôpital Général:
- service d’accueil des urgences PASS - tel. 03 80 29 53 95
- psychiatrie - tel. 03 80 29 30 35
- autres services - tel. 03 80 29 37 41
• Assistante sociale du Centre OSIRIS:
- tel. 03 80 67 11 02
Everyday life in the hospital
The menus are adapted every day to your tastes and your state of health. If you have to follow a diet, a dietitian will make up a special menu with you.
Your meals are served:
• Breakfast: 8:00 am.
• Lunch: Between 11:30 am and 12:00 am.
• Dinner: Between 5:30 pm and 6:30 pm.
The toilet case
Don't forget to bring your toiletry items (towels and washcloth, napkins, handkerchiefs, toothbrush, comb, etc. ) as well as clothing useful during your stay.
In some cases, a specific list can be given to you; this is the case for the Maternity, the Centre de Convalescence et de Rééducation, the Centre Gériatrique de Champmaillot.
The maintenance of your personal laundry is not assured by the hospital, except for the hosting service of elderly people reliant on the Centre Gériatrique de Champmaillot.
Visits and accompanying persons
The visits of your family and relatives are generally permitted the afternoon, the schedule is determined based on the requirements of care.
For the access of children in the CHU, it is recommended to inquire the General Service before the visit. For their safety, the presence of children can be discouraged in some departments.

Meals for accompanying persons
Your relatives can have meals in the department under certain conditions.
Regarding formalities and prices, please consult the staff of the department.
Accommodation options for accompanying persons
La Maison des Parents et Familles can provide accommodations for your relatives. An information booklet on the rates is available at the bureaux des entrées.
Various services are available
The help of a translator is available for patients who do not speak French; in case of need, please inquire the health care team.
You can obtain the telephone in your room by paying previously a 1,50€ phone plan to the bureau des entrées.
A beep sound notifies you ten seconds before the line break that your plan is over.
Phone booths are at your disposal on the different sites.
The CHU has a charged TV network , managed by a private company.
The basic price is 2,74€ for 24 hours (options possibilities): please make sure you have change.
In the Centre gériatrique de Champmaillot, televisions are available for free in the resting rooms.
The library
A library is managed in the CHU by the association "Lire à l'hôpital". The librarian stops every week to your room and proposes for free a selection of books, magazines, comics, audio cassettes, etc.
You will be informed by the department the days and times he passes by.
You can receive mail: The postal service of the CHU is responsible for distributing the mail in the department.
If you want to send mails , hand it, previously stamped, to the health staff of the department.
Store, cafeteria and press
For your purchases, some shops provide different type of items such as Press paper, groceries, gifts, bus and phone cards.
• Hôpital du Bocage (from Monday to Friday 7am-7pm / on we 10am-6pm)
• Hôpital d’Enfants open from Monday to Friday (from Monday to Friday 2am-6pm / on we 2pm-6pm)
A cafeteria is available in the hall of the Hôpital du Bocage.
Drink and Snack vending machines are available in the lobby of the Maternité and the Hôpital du Bocage,
Hairdresser and Chiropodist
You have the possibility to bring in a hairdresser or a chiropodist by inquiring the department.
In the Centre Gériatrique de Champmaillot, access to the hairdressing salon is free for residents of the long séjour unit .
At the Centre de Convalescence et de Rééducation, a chiropodist passes on Monday afternoon. You can sign in by the care team.
At the Hôpital d'Enfants, a school allows children to benefit from individualized or collective courses during their hospitalization.
Teachers can move into other departments others than the Hôpital d'Enfants.

Religious practices
Catholic worship

Chaplains come regularly in the departments and are at your disposal for an accompaniment, a friendly presence, a support by prayer, a celebration or a sacrament.
To meet a chaplain, you can contact the nursing staff or call:

• for the Hôpital du Bocage : 03 80 29 33 08 / 06 87 95 31 16
• for the Hôpital d’Enfants, Maternité, Centre de Convalescence et de Rééducation : 03 80 29 33 08 / 06 87 95 62 59
• for the Centre Gériatrique de Champmaillot : 03 80 29 54 92 / 06 30 14 83 81
Other denominations
The health care team and/or a chaplain can help you to contact a representative of your denomination/religion.
More information is available on request in your department.
Voting right
The health care team and/or a chaplain can help you to contact a representative of your worship.
A complete information document is available on request in the departments.